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This website's aim is to introduce the wonderous & beautiful religion of Islam to non-Muslims. Much of the non-Muslim world, including the United States and other western nations, know very little about what the true Islam is. Please go through this site and learn of the beauty, grace, compassion, strength, charm, and wisdom of this faith of more than 1 billion people.

Interesting Articles about Islam

U.S. Congress Viewpoint of Islam

Prince Charles Speech on Islam at Wilton Park

Prophet Muhammad's Last Sermon

Answers to Your Questions about Islam
Definition of Islam

Who is a Muslim?

How should Muslims treat Jews and Christians?
What do Muslims believe?
Muhammad (pbuh)
Who was Muhammad?
What do Muslims think of Jesus?
Do Muslims have many sects?
What are the pillars of Islam?
Purpose of Worship
What is the purpose of worship in Islam?
Do Muslims believe in the hereafter?
Does Islam oppress women?
What are the dietary prohibitions in Islam?
What is Jihad?
Islamic Year
What is the Islamic Year?
Islamic Festivals
What are the major Islamic festivals?
Sharia - Islamic Law
What is Sharia?
Spreading of Islam
Was Islam spread by the sword in its early days?
Violence and Terrorism
Does Islam promote violence and terrorism?
Islamic Fundamentalism
What is "Islamic Fundamentalism"?
Different Faiths
Is Islam intolerant of other religious minorities?
What is the dress code for Muslims?

Mosque in U.S.A
Mosque in Toledo, Ohio
Stories of those who Turned to Islam

Read about ordinary people who decided Islam was the faith they wished to practice. Why did they do it? How do they feel about their decision?

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